(photo credit:  @thesupermaniak )

(photo credit: @thesupermaniak)

06.06.19 : welcome update :
hi! my name is lena and i go by tuff ghost. i love to dj and produce music on ableton. i have a radio show you can listen to every tuesday, a BUNCH of mixtapes, and lots of random songs and remixes that i hope you will enjoy..
thanks for stopping by!

06.07.19 : first 10 episodes of radio show uploaded :
hey guys! i just uploaded a BUNCH of mix tapes for you to listen to while you chill or dance or rage or pool party(?) you can check them out on my MIXCLOUD (i know i kinda hate it too but there really aren’t very many options) or you can always catch them live when they air every tuesday on dashradio.com/dashx :D
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06.04.19 : new remix :
my latest release is a remix for the wonderful band - smoke season - i recommend smoking lots of 🌲☘️🍀 and then sitting and listening to it on some nice speakers or headphones. maybe while also drinking a cup of tea or a glass of red wine…
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